What Makes C.I. Academy Different?

  • No more than 10 students per class

  • Learn at YOUR Pace!

  • Low Tuition ($800/mo for 2017-2018 school year)

  • Specialized Courses in Arts & Sciences

  • Have the Option to Graduate Early!

  • Family Feel – Where EVERYONE Belongs!

Individualized Instruction:  Having smaller classes allows us to know each student as a person with unique interests and needs. This is why our model of education works so well for students who are ahead of the curve, struggling, or moving at grade level. We meet each student where he or she is, regardless of age and have served students as young as 9 years old in the 6th grade. We formulate a learning plan for each student, specifically customized to the student’s needs based on the input of the student, parents, and teachers.

Arts-Based Learning:  Students not only participate in arts based classes such as theater, painting, music, etc., but the concept of learning through the arts is infused into every core class. Part of the CI philosophy is that students learn better in all subjects when art is an integral part of learning. Practice in artistic thinking helps students to develop better and more innovative ways of expressing ideas as well as opens their minds to possibilities they might not otherwise consider. Furthermore, CI students seem to have more fun when art is part of the learning process, and it logically follows that students who enjoy their classes will inherently retain more.

Technology:  Our students use technology in our school on a daily basis.  Learning to navigate the vast amount of knowledge on the Internet in order to ascertain useful and valid information is key for any child growing up in today’s world of technology.  Teachers also use online resources to supplement curriculum in all of the core classes, finding videos, teaching modules, and activities that enrich their students’ learning experience.

Global Thinking: Our students participate in community service as a part of their graduation requirements as well as engage in regular discussions and debates in class about world-wide current events. By giving students an opportunity to form opinions about what is happening in our world, CI Academy prepares students to become adults who will seek knowledge about world issues and then have the persistence and compassion to get involved in positive change.

Whole Person Development: In addition to academics, we feel it is important that we help children to develop their whole-selves while they attend CI Academy. Great emphasis is placed on communication skills, emotional development, life and occupational skills (such as resume writing, mock interviews, internships, volunteer work, etc.), community service, and critical thinking.

The C.I. Vision Statement & Motto:

 “Where Creative Scholars

Explore, Innovate, and Inspire!”

  1.  CREATIVE SCHOLARS:  At Capital Innovations, each student is valued as a unique person with individual abilities, needs, and desires. Our staff serves to nurture our young scholars’ hopes for the future by empowering them to learn the skills & knowledge they will need to reach their personal academic, career, and creative goals.
  2. EXPLORE: Our students do not only ingest facts but, rather, explore and experience their curriculum, both within the walls of our campus and beyond in the greater Sacramento area. We want our students to see the entire world as a place where learning can occur. Capital Innovations offers a variety of arts and science based majors where students can specialize in a particular area of study in addition to their academics. Young scholars leave our academy prepared for the workforce via our Community courses that include Life Planning, Health and Nutrition, Philosophy/Debate, Stress Management, Emotional Development, and more.
  3. INNOVATE:  The final product is always a priority with us. In addition to traditional assessments that will prepare our students for college and beyond, students apply their knowledge in hands-on projects, presentations, debates, and performances.
  4. INSPIRE:  A strong tenant of our school is the idea of that we are a family within the larger community of Sacramento. We celebrate the achievements of all of the members of our school (faculty, staff, students, and their families) and inspire each other to put our finest work and best attitude forward each day by our own example and active support of one and other.


Capital Innovations Academy Statement of Purpose

  1. To inspire students to learn and pursue education with vigor by cultivating an environment where teaching methods and curriculum are regularly sculpted and appropriately adjusted to coincide with current research on pedagogy, educational practices, and needed accommodations as well as authentic results with CI Academy students. As the world evolves, educators must continually reinvent ways of educating and incorporate new curriculum in order to best prepare students to succeed in our rapidly changing society.

  2. To foster critical thinking and help students to develop the life skills, personal emotional development, and social awareness necessary to promote their ideas and create positive change.

  3. To meet each student at his/her current level and provide a rigorous and challenging academic experience that will prepare the student for his/her future schooling, career, and life.

  4. To infuse the arts into academic curriculum as well as provide a stimulating and inspiring environment where students can create and experience art, both visual and performing.

Capital Innovations Academy Mission & Philosophy

Capital Innovations Academy values new perspectives and constant self-assessment, as a school and as individuals within the school. It is our mission to provide personalized meaningful and challenging instruction that applies to each student and serves his/her lifelong goals.  A complete CI education includes emotional development, communication skills courses, discussions about social consciousness, as well as training in the fine & performing arts, sciences, and technology. We place great value on maintaining a safe family-feel environment where students learn to be active participants in the betterment of the community.

CI Academy ESLRs

Capital Innovations Academy students will:

1. Demonstrate compassion, perseverance, and accountability.

  • Provide support or seek other people or resources that will help others when they are in need.

  • Strive to do their best in all tasks, academic and personal, even when challenges or obstacles arise.

  • Accept personal responsibility for their actions and lack of actions.

2. Reach their life goals through innovation and community building.

  • Demonstrate mastery of material as well as be able to express their unique perspectives via the arts and other creative means.

  • Be prepared for the next stage in their life plan, be it college or a particular career path.

  • Network with classmates, teachers, family members, and community members to build a community of people they can rely on and, in turn, assist towards reaching life goals.

3. Develop into socially conscious, self-aware adults who continually explore & seek skills and knowledge.

  • Listen to & consider the perspectives of others.

  • Reflect on their own beliefs and the validity of the sources of those beliefs.

  • Become lifelong learners and seekers of new ideas and information.