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  This year, we are focusing on British Lit, African American Lit, and Middle Eastern Lit. See the class syllabus for more details on what we will read, write, and discuss. The syllabus also contains other important information, such as my expectations and how you will be graded!


  • Mrs. B's No-No Words -These words do NOT belong in formal writing. Check all papers before submitting!
  • Writing Tips - Useful tips to help you improve the technical aspects of writing.
  • Persuasive Essay Format - A step-by-step guide to writing these essays.
  • Plagiarism Checker - Use this to check for plagiarism in your essays. You must score at least 85% Unique in order to receive credit for a biography/research paper. Persuasive essays, short stories, and expository essays should be 100% Unique with the exception of quoted material.
  • Literary Devices Quizlet - Use this to study your literary devices, parts of speech, and punctuation


At 6 she wanted to be a princess10367176_10156388048325072_3508651605109577285_n At 8 she wanted to be a ballerina At 10 she wanted to be a veterinarian At 12 she wanted to be president   Yet she still made it   At 13 she wanted to be the owner of a puppy At 14 she wanted to be perfect and pretty At 15 she wanted to be thin At 16 she wanted to be dead   Yet she still made it1455000_10153406785510072_1778829091_n   At 18 she wanted to go to college At 20 she wanted to have a boyfriend At 22 she wanted to graduate At 24 she found a job and somebody to be with   Yet she still made it   At 26 she bought a house with her boyfriend At 28 she got married At 30 she had children At 32 she said “i made it”    Yet she still made it   -Alejandra, age 14

Justice is blind to my black skin,

You will not prevail when you are the color of night,

Of Earth,

Of Space,

Of Darkness.

No, justice will not prevail for my people,

Originators of many, the first to walk upright,

Justice is not a friend to my kin,

We are from different worlds.

The Millenium long toil and damage,

The cries for mercy, solidarity, and love,

We reach out into the unknown seeking warmth

Only to be bitten by the cold.

Justice is blind to my mother,

She who created me and mine, and many to come.

Justice is blind to my land,

We are colonized to this day, beaten down to complacency.

A crying Haitian weeps for normalcy,

Order, friendship, equality,

For a continent spread thin, too far to hold,

A history lost, burned, pillaged, raped, plundered, thrown aside, stolen,

Yet we still reach out to cup the face of hope.

Justice looks the other way.

-Paris, age 18