Independent Study & Home School Enrichment

Interested in learning at your own pace from home?  C.I. Academy offers unique educational options customized to each student's interests and needs!

  • Go to school part time
  • A variety of schedules to fit your needs
    •  Come in 1-3 days a week to work with our teachers and do the rest from home
    • Just want to take a couple of enrichment classes (academic or artistic)?  We can do that too!
  • Curriculum written with respect to each student's interests, abilities, and goals
  • Fees customized to match courses taken and/or how many hours the student spends on campus
  • Independent Study & Home School students are still a part of our school community and will always be invited to attend school functions and field trips!
  • Capital Innovations Academy teachers are official vendors for VISIONS IN EDUCATION and INSPIRE CHARTER SCHOOL. If you are enrolled with Visions or Inspire as a homeschool charter student, you can use your vouchers to pay for courses and/or tutoring from Capital Innovations Academy's teachers.

For more information, please contact our Head of Education at