Arts & Sciences

Part of C.I. Academy’s mission is to enrich student academics by helping students to follow their passions. This is why our school offers a variety of majors that center around individual interests, creative learning, and future career training.

The Arts

Communications: (Team Leaders: Sarah Barbulesco-Lamb & Keith Gray) Students who choose this focus can expect to take more written, oral, and dramatic performance based courses. If you have a love for being on stage or in front of the camera, or if you are someone who wants to be a part of that creative process from behind the scenes, this is the C.I. Major for you! Also, anyone who desires to work in any career in writing should definitely join us in Communications. Possible college majors that might focus on communications include English, international relations, drama, dance, journalism, linguistics, or film.

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Visual Arts: (Team Leaders: Marley Antone & Jennifer Herman) Students who choose this focus will explore a wide variety of artistic subjects, styles, and applications. The emphasis for this major is on exploration of techniques and history in fine arts and the practical applications of design. Students in this major will practice drawing, cartooning, painting, photography, illustration, and sculpting. Possible college majors that might focus on fine arts include art, illustration, photography, art history, or painting.

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Music: (Team Leaders: Marley Antone & Keith Gray) Students who choose this focus will learn music in both a traditional and non-traditional manner. For one, they will learn the craft behind making, maintaining and repairing instruments. Heavy focus will be placed on learning how to play and compose songs. Students will learn how to read tablatures and sheet music which will allow them to play other artists’ songs with the end goal of being able to write their own music. Students will also learn the craft behind making an instrument work. From simple strings changes and set up issues to minor repair work, all of these are essential in making the difference between an instrument that you can’t play into an instrument you want to play. Possible college majors that might focus on music include music, music theory, music composition, math, and sound engineer.

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The Sciences


Science & Technology: (Team Leader: Danielle & Jeff Romais) Students who choose this focus will have an opportunity to pursue a science discipline not normally taught as part of their regular curriculum (Marine Biology, Astronomy, Computer Engineering, etc). Progress for this major will be measured in hands-on experiments, labs, and exploratory real-life science experiences. Students will also learn how to present, research, and write formal papers about scientific subjects. Possible majors that might focus on science include anything in the medical field, astronomy, zoology, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, cartography, computer science, and robotics.

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Social Sciences: (Team Leader: Jennifer Herman) Students who choose this focus will have the opportunity to pursue various disciplines of Social Studies, such as Anthropology, Criminology, Psychology, Economics, Philosophy, etc. These students will pursue their interests through research, observation, discussion/debate, and interactive activities that help them explore different careers in these fields. Progress for this major will be measured on presentations, research assignments, formal papers, and field work. Possible majors that might focus on social studies include anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, political science, international relations, and human development.

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