Personal Testimonials

Meet Head of Ed. Sarah Barbulesco-Lamb

(A Video Created With Testimonials from Parents & Students

in Response to Mrs. B’s Nomination for the Escalante-Grandillas Award)

“My 2 children graduated from this school, and I couldn’t have found a better match for them. Each student receives tons of individualized attention and the curriculum is customized to each student. And the teachers were wonderful about keeping me in the loop about what’s working and what’s not, not just with my not-academically oriented son, but my straight A daughter.” – Betty Azwell (former CI Parent)


“When I went to shadow the school, all of the kids were nice and introduced themselves. The teachers were nice as well. Mr. Morgan took time to try to help place me where I would succeed. And when it was time for languages, I had a big variety. Ms. B was very patient when she let me try Japanese, fail, then let me try to learn Spanish. Then for P.E., Ms. Foster was very kind and patient when teaching me Australian Football. This was the first day I did not feel any anxiety and felt totally included.” – CI Student

Sidnee got into four universities including St. Mary’s in San Antonio.  We are very proud of her!  I give credit to CI Academy for the educational leaps she made in comprehension and creativity.  Her time there was worth every penny.  She will be a Freshman at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio in the fall. – Theresa Stansbury (former CI parent)

“No one judges each other. We all hang out together. It’s not about what grade you are in; it’s about friendship.” – CI Student

“The teacher aren’t all like ‘do this, do that’. No, they actually take the time to sit down and help you learn it step by step until you understand.” – CI Student

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My daughter ABSOLUTELY LOVED her first day!  She was over the moon about Ms. Foster teaching her art.  The last time she was actually taught was in 8thgrade ( she took 2 years of group lessons).  She said that her 9th grade teacher would just tell them what to do and if she did not think they did it correctly, she would pick up their piece and fix it.  I can’t tell you how much this all warms my heart!  Thank you so much for sticking with us!  I have so much hope for this year.” – Suzy Briel (a CI Parent)


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My son’s grades dropped greatly as his class size grew in public schools. He struggled with his attention and focus…I can finally say ” I am a proud parent of an honor roll student.”  My son finally likes school again!”  

The classes are small so they can cater to the individual student and their unique learning style. this makes them much more effective teacher than a teacher who has to teach one way to a class of 20 or 30 students because there is no time or space to deal with individualized instruction.” 


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“The school’s small student teacher ratio (8:1), amazing teachers, and rigorous curriculum is why my daughter attends.  Teachers do not assign busy work and any homework is an extension of in class learning.  Highly recommended.” – Kim B