Early to College

Early to College Program

The Early to College Program is the most common path taken by C.I. Academy students.  Once students have proven that they are competent and prepared for college-level work, they can choose to be enrolled with a local community college as an Advanced Education student.  This options is available with the Los Rios Community Colleges (such as ARC, CRC, and Sac City) and the Sierra Colleges.

This option is ideal because Advanced Education students at community colleges attend courses tuition free!  These students also receive free tutoring for their college courses while still attending C.I. Academy.


An example of how this would work:

A student who is advanced in English will enroll in a college English course that meets a GE (General Ed) requirement for the IGETC* at a local community college in the afternoon/evening a couple of days per week.  During the day at CI, the student will receive assistance with college work while in English class.  This system works to ensure that a student’s first experience with college is positive because they have the support to make sure they receive a good grade and understand their work.  We feel this is better than AP which is in a high school class with high school peers and a high school teacher and only gives the students college credit if they pass the test at the end of the course.  Being an Advanced Education student at a community college gives our students a taste of a college course with college pacing and a college teacher where they will receive a grade and transferable units on a college transcript.  

This option often results in early graduation for students by the end of 11th grade with many of our early graduates on the path to continue through community college and move onto higher education thereafter.


*IGETC –  Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum – This is a contract that is issued by the Community Colleges that details a list of classes that, if a student takes all of them, guarantees that a student can transfer to a UC or State school.  When a student enrolls at the community college, it is imperative that they go to the counselor’s office and get a copy of the most recent IGETC signed and put on record.  Once the document is signed, that student will be guaranteed admission to a UC or State school upon completing all of the courses listed on the contract, even if the IGETC standards should change while the student is attending college.


Please contact our Head of Education Sarah Barbulesco-Lamb at 530-400-7619 or sbarbulesco@ourciacademy.com for more information on how this program works.